Meet the Artist:


Who is Designs by Devante?

Designs by Devante is the business name Devante Woodson uses to create one-of-a-kind visual masterpieces. 

Devante Woodson is a native of Cookeville, TN now residing in Baltimore, MD. Devante discovered his artistic talents in his senior year of high-school. This discovery led Devante to attend Miami International University of Art and Design for digital illustration. While at MIUAD, Devante took his first painting class. He was in love as soon as he picked up his first bristly brush. This love prompted Devante to go into business for himself doing what he loves, painting, and that is how Designs by Devante was born.

While focusing heavily on color and design, Devante attempts to portray the same message with every creation. "Beauty comes from the brightest of colors illustrating the deepest of sentiments." With every piece, Devante also inserts his own personal goal and aim for its beauty as well. The materials Devante commonly uses are acrylic and oil paints, markers, graphite, charcoal, and even digital forms of media, whatever is required to deliver an outstanding product.